Photo Credit: William Somerby

Holland has completed trainings in astanga-based vinyasa, yin yoga, and meditation.  She teaches (and practices) a healthy balance of all three full-time.

Holland Sweeney

Yoga and meditation have helped bring a sense of equanimity to my life, and made clearer the importance of balance - and specifically when the body is concerned, the balance between movement and stillness.

When you back-bend, you open your heart.  When you twist, you help your body digest food and wring out the internal organs, helping with detoxification.  When you sit in silence, you become aware of the chatter of your mind and the nuances of the body.  And when you fully immerse yourself in an action, when you are here now - whether it be yoga practice, cutting vegetables, or waiting for the bus - this is where happiness lives.  Yoga has taught me to cultivate balance, stillness, dedication and joy in my life...and all of this from a seemingly casual affair.  As an instructor, it is this path that I would like to help others to find and cultivate for themselves. 

For more information on my teaching method, background and philosophy, click here.

Holland graduated from Boston University's College of Fine Arts in 2005, with a major in Painting and minors in Italian and Art History.  Besides teaching yoga, Holland has worked as the Director of the Rubin-Frankel Fine Arts Gallery and art curator for the O2 Yoga Studios.  She is passionate about painting, gardening, ayurveda, and hosts vegan Sunday potlucks for her friends and community.